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Nature of the Beast (pt 4)

Flare, Flare the sunbeams hated The luminescent moon, Which pulled and waned the sea, And lengthened the days of history, As it perched high in the cool night, Glowing with transcendent pride, Amidst the quiet tango of orbits, The dawn burned to be of those legends, Beheld by the nocturnal and white buffalo, To hide … Continue reading Nature of the Beast (pt 4)

Skulked in the Thin Midnight

Skulked in the Thin Midnight

Under the street lights, On darkened dirt roads, In the suspended rise Of winter’s boasting heart, Trudged a wild spirit, Whose ruddy, sleek coat, Blurred between the posts, Of a tired, gray fence, Erected to divide, A reflection once made, Those of man and beast. Yet, the fox spirit moved, With grace of the old, … Continue reading Skulked in the Thin Midnight

Impressive. Most Impressive.

Dear my Loyal Readers, Visitors and Fellow Jedi/Sith: Poetry is my foundation. Yet, for the month of November I have taken upon the challenge and motivation to write a novel in a month for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). If you haven’t heard of this organization, it is just what it says it is. Write … Continue reading Impressive. Most Impressive.

Amongst the Mystery of Ruins

In a demolished forest, Far away from the nearest city, And hidden in the cracks of titans, Of sediment and fossils, A place unremembered and absent, We were once alone. In a treacherous rain, Which fell in a steady gaze, Smudging a world that whirled And rushed in fragile orbit, Around and around the daystar, … Continue reading Amongst the Mystery of Ruins