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Skulked in the Thin Midnight

Skulked in the Thin Midnight

Under the street lights, On darkened dirt roads, In the suspended rise Of winter’s boasting heart, Trudged a wild spirit, Whose ruddy, sleek coat, Blurred between the posts, Of a tired, gray fence, Erected to divide, A reflection once made, Those of man and beast. Yet, the fox spirit moved, With grace of the old, … Continue reading Skulked in the Thin Midnight

Impressive. Most Impressive.

Dear my Loyal Readers, Visitors and Fellow Jedi/Sith: Poetry is my foundation. Yet, for the month of November I have taken upon the challenge and motivation to write a novel in a month for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). If you haven’t heard of this organization, it is just what it says it is. Write … Continue reading Impressive. Most Impressive.

Amongst the Mystery of Ruins

In a demolished forest, Far away from the nearest city, And hidden in the cracks of titans, Of sediment and fossils, A place unremembered and absent, We were once alone. In a treacherous rain, Which fell in a steady gaze, Smudging a world that whirled And rushed in fragile orbit, Around and around the daystar, … Continue reading Amongst the Mystery of Ruins