Anima Mundi

It is in the darkness of their eyes that men get lost, Consumed by the profound agony of change. It is into the cave of sorrow to which men escape, To abandon the subtle spirits and dreams Carried by the ancient southern winds. It is vanishing into the void of heartache, And leaping over shadows... Continue Reading →

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Grieves of Gray

The horsemen obscured the wind, In a common time and place, In the confines of windows, Huddled as a harsh, grieve of gray, She mourned behind notes of joy, Behind the gentle stream of peace, Behind a mask unease. Their dark armor shone with light. They met within the stoic stone, I lowered my head,... Continue Reading →

The Abyss

Aloft in the stars,Long ago,Raged a force of hope.   With shattered matter,In the dark,Surged a bleak empire.Upon the return,Cosmic winds,Of change and heroes.Yet, uncertaintyAwakened,The light between us.


A glossy night of winter snored,Full of darkness and reflection,The snow glowed as fire on the shoreOf a slate sea, full of echoesAnd weariness where dramaticVessels of ice form frosty surf, Which flared in caverns of magic,But along the empty corridor,Where swords were once bloomed from steel,Where the freezing gray met the sand,There came the... Continue Reading →


How is enough measured? Is it through intervals of silence? Is it by reading the words? Is it feeling fulfilled or fallen? Did the warning drown within ignorance? Did the suspicion erode into a spectacle? Nature never provided a plan. Cyclic of life and death, Existing between the first nurturing kiss And the last consuming... Continue Reading →

From Jupiter’s Belt

It came crashing down, in a cloud of ice and smoke. I saw it from my window. The impact made an awakening. A tremor deep inside the mountain, Solid granite that soared high above A dark valley, Which was perpetually whittled by the river. A river known as Metamorphosis. The rise etched into the gloom,... Continue Reading →


A malevolent storm whipped through the seams Of pendulous trees and volcanic ghosts, Where serenity balanced between hesitations And in the spaces of vacant omens. When the deluge fell, I sensed the manifestation of defeat, Within a solemn understanding, The perpetual bleak, The cycle of grief, The desire of transformation, It is all a false... Continue Reading →

Quarks of Alchemy

Wonder in the cold, dusty, radiance. Exquisite moments in infinite horizons. Aloft – isolated, in eternal orbit, Knotted, in the stellar winds of time. Naked and lost, how trivial to breathe. Existential soul sings, a conscious lullaby of Solar flares and nebulas, magic and sorrow. Soaring, rather floating, for a double truth it Brings –... Continue Reading →

Static in Shadows

So began the wise: For one who lays among tragedies, Knotting and twisting, Picking a path through dereliction, Beside the rubble of contentment, And then comes the bringer of truth, The maker of doubts, Through aisles of gray, Between doorways, Of haunts, Of darkness, Where all that cease, breathe In dreams of endless songs, Begging... Continue Reading →

A Basin of Walls

The morning dust settled Into the palisades of wrecks, Where the streams run uphill And all routes roll down, The wanderer lumbers Within a dismal forest, Of loneliness and doubt, In an endless quest of truth.

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