To Whom Wants to Know:

I’m a thirty-something that started my career in the science and law enforcement realm. I dreamed of becoming the first female director of the FBI! But, life has a funny way of showing you it has it’s own plans. I am now a mother of two and a part-time coffee slinger, devoting my time between writing and my family.

Did I mention my family and I are Star Wars nerds? I feel like this should be divulged now, so there is no confusion later. Star Wars. And not new fans, old fans. I read Star Wars books. I created my own Star Wars persona (Aylis Umbra). I’m a Dark Jedi of course. I wanted to be a Sith but as a happy mother of two I would get more weird looks at my kids’ school than I already do, so I’m a Jedi that has tendencies to the dark side.

And I like Game of Thrones (Books first. TV show second).

My son. He’s the smaller one.

Ok, glad I got that out of the way.

Writing has always been there, even when I carried a gun on my hip or a pipette in my hand, while wearing a badge or a lab coat. Through the years, I started and stopped several attempts at a novel, each time coming to a roadblock in the plot. Poetry  on the other hand was always a constant, offering me the ability to express what I so needed to tell in short bursts. Between college and kids, I wrote little, but the itch to put pen to paper never left me. It was that old friend that you may not have seen for awhile, but once connected again it was as though no time had ever passed.

The writing itch returned with veracity a couple of years back. Age and life experience created such an amazing and soothing palate for me to once more use the written word as a means of expression. And the long drought of no writing had only improved my craft and I became lost in creating.

Then it happened. My poetry started to transform before my eyes into something more. The very something that I had so longed to do, to write a novel, was in front of me this whole time. My poetry was offering me inspiration, acting as the paints I needed to create my art on canvas (more like the blank pages of my Scrivener writing program). And since then I have been diligently writing and revising. My novel blossomed into a series, where the characters became more than just words, they turned into living and breathing people who told me what they wanted to do. My poetry now flows through them, and its an amazing thing to experience; being swept up into a world that has always been there, but I just needed a new lens to see.

This blog is more than a standing board for my poetry and writing. I wanted to share freely with you the poetry I wrote which served as a basis for my novel (which is currently on round three of revision, so close!). I want to also share with you books, passages, everyday things that inspire me. Maybe somewhere through it all you too can be inspired to use a different lens to see the world.

IMG_0661 [5897]
Me and my beautiful daughter.

Colleen R. (aka Aylis Umbra – Dark Jedi)

Current projects:

Veins of Skarn – book 1 (revising)

Veins of Skarn – book 2 (the beginnings)




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