Grieves of Gray

The horsemen obscured the wind,

In a common time and place,

In the confines of windows,

Huddled as a harsh, grieve of gray,

She mourned behind notes of joy,

Behind the gentle stream of peace,

Behind a mask unease.

Their dark armor shone with light.

They met within the stoic stone,

I lowered my head,

They embraced a single hour,

I had seen it before.

The riders descended the rise,

A voyage through the deluge,

A trek over torched ruins,

On raven haired beasts of bane,

She knelt before the sentry,

Before the tundra of loss,

Before a glaze of absence.

Swords of turquoise and argent.

They breathed fading memories,

I believed in it once,

An embellished kiss of anguish,

I craved for that time.

The horrid dragoons hunted,

As the cold wilted the late,

As the stars wavered long,

A Gothic swell of secrets,

She tired with the burden,

Heaved the laden robes of woe,

Heaved a worn pack of thunder.

Harbingers of waste and love.

They were together and then gone,

I turned to the wind,

Their footprints waned into the fog.

Back into the deep.

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