The sand drifted in swirls of storms,
Thin as linen, the gales built walls
And the sea offered forth a sacrifice
To the tattered waves,
Which rose and fell in helpless heaps
Crashing against the fallout of tributes
Reflecting the daystar’s majestic guise,
Where nothing held afloat,
And stones pummeled into ghosts.
The revolving pool of salt and flames,
Raged upon solemn shores of shadows,
The walls crumbled,
The sand became saturated,
The seas swelled,
As the blaze danced across the delicate
And restricted balance of trust.
Deposits of caustic malaise bloomed,
Swimming in a fragrance of an oily char.
Desperation sought relief,
Carried by the wings of a snowy gull,
Skimming across the glass of brackish turquoise,
And within the drumming of wings,
And whimpers from the horizon,
The towering wall of waves,
Rose and fell.


(Featured image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Roman Tkachenko)

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