Compass of Feathers and Steel

Once, a path led to a shallow,
Where memories were made hallow,
Upon the grit, deemed obsolete,
A void where the grief can retreat,
The source of the South brought a glance,
The fiction of life advanced,
A storm of strain, the great expanse
Of illumination and gloom,
Chronicle of the ashen moon,
Within a cold from the North,
An ominous muse was brought forth,
Holding a sword and a vector,
A released sabled specter,
Beckoning towards the rising East,
Where the dawning and knowledge meet,
Nestled on a vista of asters,
Dropped in a clump of dust and matter,
Westward the fire’s flickered slowed,
Carried by the breath of a crow,
Dreams that were shackled then halted,
Deep among the fossils and vaults,
Beyond the balm of a gray rain,
Within the inert force of pain,
In the path of whirling wind,
Once. A moment. Glimpsed to the end.

Light and dark
Image Credit: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

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