Toll Road

Toll Road

At the end of this road,
The venerable rise and fall,
Temples of script sandstone,
Lies a hidden universe,
Of secrets – echoes,
Eroding – a flock of clouds,
Immersed – a knot of the trees.

Magnified in dust of sunbeams,
Spilt from collapsing stars,
Fused in fragility –
A perilous highway,
Cast upon, a massive river,
Running thirsty and agitated,
Metamorphosis is steeped.

The intrepid – skirting the edges,
Embossed with gaits and ruts,
Crushing shells of stone,
Reviving – rebirthing – dooming,
The end melding the sky,
A glassine haze – the fling of dawn,
Within reach, an origin of absence.

Photo Credit: Colleen R. (me)

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