The Abyss

The Abyss

Aloft in the stars,
Long ago,
Raged a force of hope.

With shattered matter,
In the dark,
Surged a bleak empire.

Upon the return,
Cosmic winds,
Of change and heroes.

Yet, uncertainty
The light between us.


**April is National Poetry Month! In honor of this month, I will undertake the arduous challenge of writing and posting a poem everyday. This will be difficult, since generally I will work on any given poem I write anywhere from a week to maybe more. Sometimes I toil away with the words for months, put it away and then go back to it. Writing poetry for me does not always mean that I will use what just spills out onto the page the first time, normally it is shit if I do that. But I accept this challenge. I accept finding inspiration for something new everyday. I accept if the words are cringe-worthy. Enjoy**

Northern Lights from ISS. Image Credit: NASA

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