Impressive. Most Impressive.

Dear my Loyal Readers, Visitors and Fellow Jedi/Sith:

My level of determination: courtesy of the Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels.

Poetry is my foundation. Yet, for the month of November I have taken upon the challenge and motivation to write a novel in a month for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). If you haven’t heard of this organization, it is just what it says it is. Write a novel. In a month. In November. Created for aspiring novelists or for those that may need an extra push to finish a project. I have tried in years past to participate and reach the 50,000 words needed to “win” the NaNoWriMo. And in years past I have failed because I reached a dead end in my story telling. But this year…this year it is downright magical! I failed in the past because I just did not truly have a story to tell. Earlier this year I began on a journey with some characters that appeared in my obviously awesome brain. And for months I have let their voices and identity roll around until I could see them clearly. In fact, I wrote poems for them as inspiration. K.M. and E.C. and previously posted them.

Then when NaNoWriMo came around again this year, I let go. I had realized a lot of the poetry I had written this year was in fact in relation to the story I wanted to tell. And I am so excited to finally understand what and why the words I have chosen for my poetry fell the way they did onto the pages. It was all to shape the world and identity for my novel that I am

How I feel when I get farther in my novel. Thanks again Rita.

writing! I can’t believe I am actually saying this: I AM WRITING A NOVEL!!! In college I remember telling people that I will write the next great American novel…a little conceited I know. Do I think the shit that I am writing now is to that caliber? Yes! Probably not. But, I am just freaking excited that I have a concept that is becoming actualized.

So alas, that is where I have been. Writing, but just not poetry at this moment. Actually, lets just say it is my poetry in prose. I have numerous unfinished poems that still need my attention within my collection that I promise I will get to and post for you to read. Ultimately though I am excited to share tidbits from my novel with you later. I’m well passed the 50,000 word goal for this challenge at NaNoWriMo, and I still have a lot more to go. And when I go back to edit my story where I will cringe at parts that are utter crap and wonder at the brilliance of others, I will share with you dear reader. Because, what is the point of creating art through words, if it’s not to share.

Audrey I am sure is going to share her writings.

So please, hang tight. Send encouraging remarks. Read my archived poems, find your favorite. I am also on Twitter @above_fire if you want to see my 140 word count thoughts on life, the sometimes stupidity of humanity, proof of my awesome parenting skills to a 6 & 4 year old, or to see that I am actually writing and didn’t fall off the face of the Earth.


In the mean time I won’t forget you if you don’t forget me.


Colleen R.



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