A Vestige of Silver

It was only a glimpse,
The slight verge of a shadow
Against the vast and profound plains
Where memory floated in the besieged mist
And the thirsty grass was caressed by a wavering wind.
Reality disguised in the moon,
Where the silver and purple glowed in the darkness,
And alas, it was there that my heart roamed and stumbled
In the haunted radiance of distant galaxies born centuries ago.
Amid the autumn change,
And until through the impending morrow,
I fell into the deepened ruts of cracked and exposed clay,
And welcomed the saturated, cool curtain in this stifling palace.
In the brief terror of isolation,
I crawled to the banks of an all but dry creek
Where a once dreamy flood had long sunk into the earth
And the trees crowd with crows on their mysterious watch.
I could feel the ground tremble deep inside my chest,
And the once familiar intense pain of longing
Sent my spirit into a depraved silence.
The switchgrass whispered nothingness.
The crows sang in a thrilling shrill of anticipation.
And the prairie blurred into the expanse of the universe.

Photo credit: NASA/JPL
Photo credit: NASA/JPL

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