Month: September 2015

Harbinger of Time

The tragedy is scribed in the fractures of rocks, In the mountains, where the air is thin and clear. The wind whips the clouds as unobstructed sails, And his fierce cry thundered against the walls and knotted trunks. Above the timberline, the grieving Hawk glides, Beholding his scattered and scorched dominion, Wondering how, under his … Continue reading Harbinger of Time

Join the Advocacy Against Shitty Poetry (AASP)

Fight for your right to destroy bad poetry. Join others with common interests ridding the world of shitty writing, especially in the form of poetry. AASP is always recruiting new members. Meet monthly at your local pub. I’m going to throw this out there: I do not like today’s poetry. And I am pretty sure … Continue reading Join the Advocacy Against Shitty Poetry (AASP)