Into the Narrows

Isolation in the mist of a drizzling daylight,
Filtered through the dust and smoke,
A romance made in mayhem and moments.
In trodden fields of Rome and in the fervid waters of Elysium,
The mob gathered to witness the weary defeat of the silent.
There amongst the judgement and treacherous,
An invisible force evolved from the impending fear.
A strange hope fell like stars onto the back of a wolf,
Who happened to weep into the vast, arid earth for sleep.
The seething voices dissipated into the hum of cicadas,
And within the bare and ancient
Trickled the legend of love and an ache of calm.
The flowers trembled against the blast of thunder,
The sea swirled with crimson and venom,
The dunes rose and fell with panicked quakes of struggle.
Yet, a solidarity bloomed with a rush of collapsing walls,
Into an epic embrace as in the scrawls of poets.
Beneath an extant breath, tenderness endured and then expired.
The deepening shadows crept into the corners,
The planet continued its rotation to the East,
With the tragic parting of briefly shining souls,
Bearing the spear of Mars to pastures of iron and oil.
The space between the symphonic calls of the raven,
Exposed the panic that seeped through the cracks and fissures
Of the forked road, which was forever lost in the suffocating turmoil.
A paramount memory that defined,
A passion that conquered the carbines and bane,
Cast into the wind of percussion and the sighs of Janus,
The wolf, carrying the burden of twilight –
Finally – surrendered to the solace.

photo credit: NASA/ISS/Don Pettit
photo credit: NASA/ISS/Don Pettit

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