Navigating Amidst Glaciers & Driftwood

Upon the sea of thick ice, floating in the incorrupt,
Rode high a sable ship of unknown origin.
Pieced together of wood and iron,
With a hull full of secrets and darkness.
The frozen sea lapped against giant sheets
And bergs of lost, impenetrable dreams.
The mysterious hulk, carried by the wind
Blowing into the roped canvas, sailed
Deeper into the white, vivid and endless plain.

It was with a purpose to seek the unsinkable, by nature to know
The unknowable. Singing upon the tumbling waves, shouting toward
The heavens, waiting, still waiting – for the echo.
You (and also I), who can be alone amongst the many, yet so few.

In a time of silence came the creak,
The ache of the wood against the thin air of nothing.
Near the top of the world, a compass that ran in endless
Circles and a map full of space.
The twilight of the day anchored to the sky,
The moon languishing at the horizon of diamonds,
Tidal forces stilled and a chill settled into icicles of fear.
The sailing timber compressed as the artic floe crashed,
And the cracks grew into canyons of failure.

As essence of salt and ozone waft in the polar breeze,
Below the bright and ancient lunar highlands,
Slumber the memories of beasts.
Between we, of the rocks and the sea, the dust and the tears,
It is the obsolete.
You (and indeed I), set a course on which to travel –
Wanting, questing – enduring the crushing weight,
The weight of pure existence.

Splinters and knots embed in the ivory sheets,
And in a rare and extraordinary event,
Of centuries since, the secrets spilled from the keep.
All disappeared into the depths of a marine world of wonder.
A shipwreck, a broken vessel of revolution and discovery,
Sunk into the abyss, with only the auroras to paint an ode.
Erased from the continuum of war and proliferation,
Drowned into the depths, void of the stellar symphony.

The immortal lunar libration of the waves rocking, mercilessly –
Pulling and waning, soothing the open thick wounds of lightning strikes,
In this somber arctic land, where we (you and I) lay,
Alone – but together. Stripped bare, with the torrid breath of being,
And with the yearning of the sun’s attempt to break the freeze.

The sturdy deck surrendered to the incessant rawness
Of bitter and unforgiving currents of exhaustion and power.
Souls spilled to the snow in shivers of rust,
And were forever forgotten amongst the glaciers
Towering above the bones of frozen waves.
The ship sits in a damp embrace, caressed and swaddled,
Protected against the warmth.
The iced ocean of kings and queens reclaimed the wood
And the iron to the subterranean floor of mountains,
With a promise of quiet and of victory.

Upon the swirl of the ominous clouds, following the currants of cosmic winds,
I placed my hand in yours. Together, as cold pierced the flesh, and froze our eyes
Towards forever the North, upon the stars beyond the Way, accepting the light from
A billion years hence. The erebus devoured us. You and I, together.
At the edge of the world,
From our (yours and mine) long and diminished voyage.


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