Month: August 2015

Ode to a Bumblebee

*Note: I have decided to post here the seemingly most joyous poem I may have written. Don't be alarmed, I don't usually delve into happiness and sunshine with my words. But between you and me, it's ok to like it every once in a while. Ssshhh. Your wings, Doilies that flutter with the warm, westerly … Continue reading Ode to a Bumblebee


I Am Strange and Unusual. Got a Problem with That?!

Say the name. Go ahead, you know. Three times. Say it. See what happens. After some shameful TV watching, ANTM to be exact (if you don’t know, consider yourself sane), and after a couple glasses of wine, my ever so patient husband and I found ourselves engrossed in Beetlejuice. What a great movie. If you … Continue reading I Am Strange and Unusual. Got a Problem with That?!

Navigating Amidst Glaciers & Driftwood

Upon the sea of thick ice, floating in the incorrupt, Rode high a sable ship of unknown origin. Pieced together of wood and iron, With a hull full of secrets and darkness. The frozen sea lapped against giant sheets And bergs of lost, impenetrable dreams. The mysterious hulk, carried by the wind Blowing into the … Continue reading Navigating Amidst Glaciers & Driftwood