Weary Wanderings in a Silver Sea

Scudding with bones of coral beyond a sapphire lagoon,
Lying ahull, drifting in the brackish sea,
I breathe the algae on my old skin.
Careening against the gales, whipping my graying hair,
Embayed by the siren’s aqua realm, my schooner gone
Offshore on a ghost voyage to the horizon’s purple edge.
Fathoms of memories lost in the swelling waves,
True bearing, I fixed my decaying gaze,
In irons I became saturated with Neptune’s sorrow.
Maritime dreams bloom from the depths below,
Eastern lunar tides kiss the shore in poetic rhyme,
Underwater, the Leviathan waits for resolution and surrender.
Navigating with wounds, without splintered oars,
Displaced by my own creaking hull,
Extremis and without a raft, I begin to capsize.
Reaching for the beams of day break,
Anchored to the past with metallic lockets of magic.
Passageways and corridors within the lost umbra vessel,
Unshipped, I longed for the waypoint of youthful discovery,
Reduced to flotsam, my derelict soul calls out through the mist.
Powder barrels stored under my eyes, to which I hold the key,
Letting go and hauling in the desire of the wind,
Echoes of the calm at the end of this perilous journey.
Moored to the frost flowers and secrets of the sea
Of life, where I list and flow with determined grace,
Outward bound, afloat with tension and repose,
Now I, ride the white horses toward the shore.

photo credit: NASA
photo credit: NASA

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