Exigent Erosion

Oh, how fast the clock turns in time,
Space shifts in rhyme.

Disarmed to the lonely vast plain,
As the wind wanes.

Posed to usher the aching frost,
Through moments lost.

Suspended above canyons crossed,
Rivers lost to the hardened crust,
And precious metals turn to rust,
Space shifts in rhyme, as the wind wanes through moments lost.

And thus, how did I forget thee?
Into the sea

The luminous stars fell somewhere.
I lay ensnared

To the beckoning long ago
Of war and woe.

The bluebells ring softly below
To the cracked and arenose ground,
Oh, how the horizon drowned
Into the sea, I lay ensnared, of war and woe.

St. Mary's Glacier, CO. Photo Credit: Me!
St. Mary’s Glacier, CO. Photo Credit: Colleen R. (Me!). Photo not necessarily inspiration for this poem, but it sure is pretty and awesome.

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