The Alliance for the Reading of Books (ie Book Club)

I have not forgot about you….mom. I know you are reading this. And I know other people are too. So let me remind everyone that my mom and I are in a book club. Together. Just us. It’s less complicated that way. If you are part of or ever have been in a book club, you know, it’s complicated..

You might be asking, “Why do I keep harping on book clubs?” “Don’t you write poetry and attempt at fiction?” Well, yes I do, do that. But what is always important for writers is to continue to read. Read a lot and often. It’s healthy to see what other people are writing or have written. Plus it’s just good for your brain. And unless it’s the Game of Throne series by good old’ George R.R. Martin, I am not the person that just will pick up a book because I am bored. It’s like I have to be forced into reading. And alas book clubs. They hold me accountable.

Now I’ve been in a couple of different book clubs. Ones sponsored by my school at the time (which turned out to be just another literature class), one that I went into with my mom and her work friends……that was interesting, and then one with my work friends. The latter book club became the most increasingly irritating one, because no one read the book! I understand we titled our book club at the time “The Wino Book Club” for the obvious reasons. There was a lot of wine and whining. But at the end of the day, the important goal was TO READ THE BOOK. So frustrating when you showed up, feeling you accomplished life and kicked it the butt because you finished the book, and only to find out that no one else did. You didn’t have anyone to talk to with all the burning discussion questions from which you searched online tirelessly for so that there could be intellectual discussion between sips of wine.  Needless to say The Wino Book Club fizzled out. And I, just became book club-less and bookless.

Not me. Rita Hayworth. But I would like to think I have the same look on my face in bad book clubs.
Not me. Rita Hayworth. I have the same look on my face in bad book clubs.

When along comes my mother. Who, like all mothers, is a genius, and decided we should just do a book club with just the two of us. And we would read the books! And even drink wine while we had our book club meetings! And have intelligent conversations about books! Amazing. It was like I was finally apart of a real book club. (FYI, I did consider joining a book club where I knew nobody. But quickly decided against it because I generally don’t like what most people I don’t know have to say…)

So, I just wanted to inform everyone, the world, and my mother, that I have finished our latest book. It was Take Me With You by Catherine Ryan Hyde. I had mentioned that this was our book on a previous post (My Book Club). Our book club meeting about this book is scheduled at a pub in Longmont, CO in the next week or so. And I would be more than happy to post the results of that discussion later. You can follow me on twitter to get up to date, in the moment book discussion. Or whatever else we may be chatting about. Sounds interesting? Maybe, maybe not. Still fun. I’ll let you know.

But in case anyone else is interested, we are now going to read Finders Keepers by Stephen King. My pick! We had read Mr. Mercedes a few months ago for book club, and this is the latest from Mr. King with some of the same characters involved. I know it’s not the most “book club friendly” book. It’s Stephen King. Amazing writing, great storytelling, but as for impactful moments that can be lead to philosophical debates on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….there isn’t a whole lot to go off of. The Shining? Dreamcatcher? Maybe The Stand! But anywho, still a great read nonetheless. And book club books don’t always have to be about soul searching ideals. Great story telling is often more fun to discuss than why did Suzy run away from home and meet a homeless man, whom she recognized was an old high school classmate that was voted most likely to succeed (not from a book I read, just made it up. Pretty good idea though).

Rita Hayworth reading a book. I would like to think that is what I look like when reading.
Rita Hayworth reading a book. I would like to think that is what I look like when reading.

Finders Keepers. Stephen King. Four weeks-ish. Read it too, it will be like you are part of our book club.


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