Hardpan & Switchgrass

The stiff stalks of yellow grass sway,
Brushed by the fingertips of the wind –
Swaddled by hard soil to earth’s bosom.

Hues from her skeleton fingers
Blend in the setting strawberry sun,
Unseen waves roll over the breadth of gold.

Journey of the bustling fire ant,
Plight of the delicate dragonfly,
The Thunderbird’s wings beat against the plain.

Behold, lonely Red-Tailed Hawk floats,
Footprints reclaimed in a settled haze,
The storm rumbles, distantly, from the East.

A field named for the sorrows,
Of forgotten fears.
A tear drops from the still shadows,
Eclipsed in the clouds.
A whisper from the rising dust,
A free dreaming soul.

The acquisition of memories –
The perpetual prairie sways, still sways.

Little Bighorn Battlefield
Little Bighorn Battlefield

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