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Featured poem: Static in Shadows

I’ve been in a bit of a dark period when it comes to poetry writing. I had been focusing so much on my fiction, that it was difficult to switch between forms. The result was that my proud poetry page was left ignored and underappreciated by me for quite the dusty time.

Then the year 2020 hit. So much and many have suffered, not to the least of my worries was my writing at all. The world and the people within it who usually fill my cup of inspiration, but so far I have barely written a single word, sentence, phrase or rhyme since the tragedies that this year has brought to my family and to the millions of people around the world.

The pen nor the laptop spoke to me. Reading meditations, novels or articles did anything to quell the overwhelming and sometimes unlabeled emotions that I was feeling. Everything felt out of my control, even though I frequently spoke to feeling in control. Whatever I or my family was experiencing didn’t seem to cast any light or shadow on what was prevailing outside our walls. Nothing seemed to matter. Except when it all did.

Then after months of neglect, I stumbled upon a ‘like’ for a poem I had written and posted for what seemed forever ago. Someone I didn’t know found my writing and it spoke to them. When I got the notification in my email, I thought it was just spam. I left it there unread for well over a week, until I decided to delete the literally 100 emails practically begging me to by this and that from online retailers. I saw it again. And this time that single like spoke to me. It told me that even in times of uncertainty, pain, death, loss and anger – all emotions that are so overwhelming they threaten to trap us in the deep pit of darkness, we as humans are constantly striving to find something, anything that can make us feel as though that we are a part of a greater calling. That we aren’t alone. Our pain is valid. Our anger isn’t misplaced. Our anxiety has a purpose. And we are constantly striving to find that belonging and connection in others, in whatever form.

I write because my voice falls flat. And my purpose through my writing isn’t to make money or to be the next poet laureate. I write for you. I create stories and poems in hopes that whatever I’m feeling or experiencing can validate someone else’s. If it just takes one person to like and understand my art then I have already succeeded.

I still don’t have hopes for 2020 to turn out to be the best year ever. What I do hope that this year will bring healing, validation, acceptance, awareness and still the ability to find a common denominator through vulnerability. I’m going to find the motivation to pick up my pen or laptop to create with hope.

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Static in Shadows

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